The Nashua Buddhist Meditation Group offers, free of charge, a regular space for Unitarian Universalist Church members and people from Nashua and surrounding areas to join together to practice meditation. Experienced teachers are available for meditation instructions. Our teachers also help us develop our understanding of meditation through the ancient Buddhist teachings (the Dharma). All forms of silent meditation are welcome.

Why do we meditate?

Many people associate meditation with stress relief, but it doesn’t take long to realize that our practice opens us up to something deeper. Our teachers help us to explore the nature of our minds through Buddhist wisdom. However, your spiritual or religious beliefs needn’t be a barrier to profit from these teachings.

Come as you are, and as you are able. You’re always welcome to meditate with us every Wednesday from 7pm to 8pm at the Nashua Unitarian Universalist Church. ( Church Attendance or membership is not mandatory for this program )

For more information on the Nashua Buddhist Meditation Group or to subscribe to the email list, contact the program coordinator Sylvie Stewart.